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Focusky 3.7.7 crack download - Crack Key For U -

Focusky 3 is an easy to use attractive software that provides users with a new way of creating special, impressive, and professional-looking presentations that enable them to spend less time and time with minimal effort and time to deliver unique presentations for lectures. Educational / research conferences or workshops. The user-friendly environment and the powerful and powerful tools of the software make it easy for all users to use. With this software you can add text, background image, photo , animation , video / flash file or even YouTube videos (Vimeo) to your presentation without any hassle. When you begin working with Focusky, you can select and download from one of the predefined templatesThen change it by adding your favorite items and text. Once you’ve made the settings and build your presentation, you can preview it in preview mode and then output it in EXE, ZIP or HTML format or burn it to CD.

Focusky is an interesting and intuitive software utility that aims to offer you an alternative way of creating professional-looking presentations for school or work purposes with the least amount of effort for you.
The program features a simple interface that makes it very accessible, even for users who are accustomed to working with more traditional presentation tools. The main windows functions as a canvas, whereas the several tabs allow you to insert the items you want to include in your slideshow ranging from text boxes, images, flash videos to movies from YouTube or Vimeo.

Here are some key Features of “Focusky v3.7.12” :

  • Easy interface with powerful tools
  • Zoom and slide based on presentation
  • Add a variety of media files such as: images, swf files and flv and YouTube and Vimeo online videos
  • Output in format EXE or HTML to display online or offline
  • Ready themes and templates
  • Preview presentation before output
  • Capture content from PowerPoint projects
  • Professional editing of slides created
  • View and set slideshows On a page
  • adding professional animations

System Requirement

  • Software Requirements
    – Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
    – Windows 8.1 (32/64 bit)
    – Windows 8 (32/64-bit)
    – Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
    – Windows Vista (Service Pack 1 or later, 32/64 bit)
    – Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or later, 32-bit only)

Download Focusky v3.7.12

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Amazing tool to magic your presentation into memorable animation show

The desktop version of Focusky introduces the most impressive and most fun way to creatively combine PowerPoint, text, photos, shapes, online YouTube video, video clips and Flash into your very zooming presentation. And to display the multimedia presentation in a more animated and attractive way with zoom and slide effect.

The desktop version provides rich editing options, meanwhile its flexible output options allows you to publish your presentation as HTML, EXE, APP, ZIP and video(MP4 and FLV) formats.

Windows PlatformMac Platform
Supported OSWindows 8/7/Vista/XPAll Mac OS
Software Version
Size257 MB324 MB
PC Requirements
  • CPU : 1.50GHz
  • RAM : 2.00GB
  • Memory Space : 500MB
  • CPU : 1.50GHz
  • RAM : 2.00GB
  • Memory Space : 500MB
FlashFlash 14.0 + (not required for HTML5 version)Flash 14.0 + (not required for HTML5 version)

The Editing Interface of The Focusky Desktop

Focusky interface screenshot

The Online Template Interface

online templates for focusky presentation

The Publish Interface

publish html, exe, video presentation

Import from PPT

Import from PPT

To release your work of re-editing, the client software supports importing content from existing PPT file(*.ppt, *.pptx), and there are multiple pre-designed layouts available for your PPT.

PPT to Video Presentation

PPT to Video Presentation

The software supports publishing the creative presentation as video presentation in mp4 and flv formats which can work as a effective PPT to Video converter.

Free Cloud Hosting

Free Cloud Hosting

After finishing your presentation, your work can be upload directly to Focusky free cloud hosting for online presenting, and you can manage your works on Focusky website.

Presentation Template and Theme

Presentation Template and Theme

Plenty of well-designed templates and theme are provided for quickly building beautiful presentation, and you can customize them as you want.

Shape Tool

Shape Tool

Powerful shape tool with a rich graphics library allows you to draw shapes in different styles, including line, arrow, triangle, circlem rectangle, etc. Meanwhile its powerful transform tool make it easy to edit shapes.

Digital Presentation Animation Editor

Animation Editor

Powerful animated editor in client program for you to apply vivid animation on the digital presentation objects, making the slideshow dynamic.

Insert Image

Insert Image

Support most image formats including GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and vector graphics in SVG format. Also a variety of image effects are available.

Text in Different Style

Text in Different Style

Focusky provides plenty of font families for your text content, also it can call the fonts of operating system.

multimedia presentation

Flash, Local Video and Audio

The client version of Focusky Presentation Maker supports various multimedia contents, including Flash in SWF format, local video(FLV, MP4) and audio(MP3).

Online Video

Online Video

Add online video from video websites YouTube and Vimeo by the links of video, then you can play the online video when showing your presentation.

Multiple Output Options

Multiple Output Options

In desktop version, there are multiple fleible output options for you to export your digital presentation as html, exe, zip , app or video(mp4, flv) formats.

Social Share Integrated

Social Share Integrated

Social share feature is integrated with published presentaion, the people read the presentation are able to share via social network, and you can customize the share information.


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Make awesome visual experience for your audience


Focusky Main Features

The best tool to create HTML5 presentations and animated videos

  • Easy & Intuitive

    The user-friendly interface lets you create, publish and present your animated video presentation easily. Utilize pre-designed templates to get start quickly even if you are not a professional designer. Simply drag and drop the materials on canvas and then create an eye-catching video presentation effortlessly.

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  • Amazing Transition

    Take good use of transition effect to present the video presentation smoothly. Slide, rotate, zoom and pan effects make the business presentation present like an animated movie. Besides, transition effect can enhance your video presentation effectively make the presentation stand out definitely.

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  • Animation Editor

    Adding animation effects to objects can make them present on screen in the lively way. There are tons of dynamic animation effects available to display the multimedia contents in your own way. Take full advantage of entrance, exit, emphasis and action path animation effect to convey your idea better.

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  • Path of Discovery (3D Camera)

    Rather than traditional slide to slide presentation, the multimedia presentation can engage and inspire the audiences better. It can help you present your ideas in mind mapping style. And the 3D camera of Focusky can create more stunning 3D animation effect exactly to make the HTML5 presentation oustanding.

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  • Built-in WordArt

    You can use WordArt to add special text effect to multimedia presentation to beautify content design. You can convert existing text to WordArt or create your own decorative effect text by customizing the font, text color and size. Moreover, WordArt text and texture are effective way to highlight elements.

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  • Video Backgrounds

    Focusky provides tons of pre-designed and professional video background to beautify your presentation. Video background is a good way to draw audiences’ attention. Simply apply the built-in video background or your own one to wow audiences and make them have remarkable visual presentation experiences.

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  • Rich Media Presentations

    There are various multimedia contents available for enriching your HTML5 business presentation. You can add local video, audio, image, photo slideshow, shapes, hyperlink, text, animated characters and flash animation to animated presentation for delivering information in a visual and engaging way.

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  • Built-in Dynamic Characters

    Utilize the built-in animated characters to bring your video presentation to life. Take full advantage of animated characters to enhance the presentation and deliver the message easily. Besides, give a voice to the characters to make the presentation lively and help capture your audiences’ attention in seconds.

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  • Integrated with Whiteboard Animation

    Anyone can create a whiteboard animation video with Focusky even if you never make one before. Easily add the multimedia contents to create you own whiteboard-style animated video in minutes. Utilize the whiteboard animation video presentation to convey complex information easily.

  • Charts and Graphs

    There are so many different types of charts and graphs in Focusky. Use a chart or graphs to make a comparison, show a relationship or highlight a trend easily. Just simple click to choose a chart or graph to present the data appropriately and helps audiences understand what you are talking about.

  • Recording Narration

    Add recording or tracks to video presentation to make it become voiceover narration and persuasive. Recording narration helps explain complex information and make audiences’ understand what you are talking about easily. Anyway, ensure that you have a good microphone and script ready before you start recording.

  • Social and Sharing

    Sharing the HTML5 presentation to social network is good for connecting with audiences. Each presentation that you publish online will have a unique URL. You can share it to individuals, social network and email to others. Additionally, you are able to embed the online presentation on your website or blog by lines of simple codes.

  • Integrate with Interaction Designer

    There is powerful interaction function available for adding interaction elements effortlessly to animated presentation. Simply make your multimedia presentation interactive to get audiences stay focused and participate in your wonderful presentation efficiently.

  • 5000+ Online Royalty-free Vector Resources

    Focusky collects and sorts more than 5000 vector diagrams and icons in SVG format for you to create gorgeous HTML5 presentation easier. Add SVG images instead of boring text to animation presentation to express your points in a clearer way.

  • Unlimited Hosting Cloud Platform

    Focusky is cloud-based platform which provide free and safe cloud hosting service to publishing business presentation online. Then your online business presentation can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

  • Cross Platforms

    You can export your animated presentation as APP & HTML & MP4 video presentation with ease. And then the animated presentation can


Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

Torrent Contain:


Size: 284MB




Tutorials For Free, Guides, Articles & Community Forum.OneHack.Us  <div><div><h3>Focusky 4.0.6 Crack Latest Version 2022 Download</h3><p><strong>Focusky 4.0.6 Crack</strong> is software squarely designed and aimed at making HTML5 based presentations quickly and easily. We think it appeals to both creatively minded and business people in equal measure. Fortunately, there are some alternatives that work just as well, and give better results than MS’s staid offering.</p><p>Focusky uses HTML5, and that’s great because HTML5 based presentation can be played on just about any device going, and is pretty much guaranteed to look great. (depending of course on how interesting your presentation and the subject matter at hand is. If you work in Human Resources, Focusky won’t be able to do anything to help you.</p><p><img src=

Focusky works on several different levels. A simple basic presentation can be put together in just a few minutes, much like PowerPoint, and whether you’ve used presentation software before or not, the basics are, well basic, and most users will have no problem adapting quickly.

For more advanced users and those looking to really put together a powerful presentation, Focusky also has some advanced and really cool features.

There is any number of transitions, animations, and options for multimedia integration. The Focusky app is also a really good value because it lets you watch, access, and present your presentation any time and anywhere. Whatever your business, whatever your goals, being able to whip out and show off a killer presentation is really quite handy, and it works both online and offline, which is very good. It also has some pictures of his dog. (We don’t know why either, but it has got him a lot of work over the years)

Focusky 3.7.7

The software is intuitive and Focusky has been designed for people who just want to get stuff done. That said, there a lot of options and menus within Focusky.

Focusky Crack Latest Version

Focusky gives a superior Cloud distributing stage where you can distribute your introduction web-based empowering everybody to see your introduction through the Internet. The introduction can be distributed as HTML, ZIP, or EXE design for a disconnected survey understanding. You can likewise distribute it as Video design, which enables you to transfer it to video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion. Clients can impart their introductions or recordings to individuals everywhere throughout the world through online networking, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ et cetera. Much more, the introductions and recordings are anything but difficult to access through any gadget, for example, desktop, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android telephone, and more.

Key Features (All Available In The Free Version)

    • 3D Camera-style presentation support.
    • Free and paid versions.
    • Lots of library resources.
    • Reasonable pricing structures compared with competitors.
    • Multi-language support.
  • HTML5 based: Can be played on just about any device or OS.
  • Cloud-based platform.
  • Presentations can be output as .html, .exe, .zip, .app, .mp4, or .pdf files.
  • Focusky App.

How To Install?

1: Click on Download Button.
2: Softwares Auto Download.
3: Open Download File.
4: Click on Install.
5: Follow The Instructions.
6: Thanks For Downloading.

Tutorials For Free, Guides, Articles & Community Forum.">




Tutorials For Free, Guides, Articles & Community Forum.">