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In case you do not own the full version of KONTAKT, there is a free KONTAKT PLAYER version that allows you to use all the features of a KONTAKT-based. Due to Native Instruments tenacity and innovation, it has outlasted all other Kontakt can use various Rules to turn on and off samples to be played;. Save RAM, save CPU and get lightning fast load times in Native Instruments' Kontakt Player for all your sample libraries with these optimization techniques! native instruments kontakt player

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Native Instruments Twenty Five Kontakt Play Series (Free Kontakt Player Instrument)

Kompakt (software)

Kompakt is a discontinued[1] feature-limited version of Native Instruments' Kontakt software sampler.

It features a large sample library containing samples of a range of acoustic and electronic instruments, and a number of performance controls. It also allows the user's own patches to be created and samples mapped across the keyboard using a basic drag-and-drop technique, however there is no capability for editing patches - as such Kompakt is best-suited as a performance instrument for playing predefined sample libraries. Kompakt is not compatible with Intel Macs.[2]


Kontakt is Native Instruments' flagship software sampler and one of the leading software sampling applications on the market.[3] First introduced in 2002,[4][5] Kontakt works as either a stand-alone application or as a plug-in on both Mac and Windows platforms.[6] Kontakt combines sampler functionality with elements of synthesis and effects.


Kompakt is a sampler-based synthesis application. It allows a user to load software instruments (or patches) into memory to be played back through a MIDI controller. Each instance of Kompakt can load up to eight instruments at a time. Instrument patches can be modified and saved for use later. Kompakt similarly allows the user to work with multis, which are files defining a group of instrument patches. Kompakt allows the user control over the sound of the instrument by means of a set of controls. Some of these include envelopes, LFOs, filters and effects, and other such controls.

3rd Party Libraries[edit]

Many third-party manufacturers program software sample libraries, and Kontakt features the Kontakt Script Processor (KSP) and Creator Tools to help users of the software and sample library developers create their own instruments that utilize the Kontakt sampling and synthesis engine.[7][8] By utilizing KSP, sample library developers can create instruments that can be played and controlled via Kontakt.

Through Native Instruments, one can buy sample libraries that include a special version of Kompakt, called the "Kompakt Player," to work with the sample libraries. An obvious advantage of this is that one need not buy a full sampler in order to play the samples, but instead has the full capabilities of playing the sample library through the Kompakt player once the library is installed. Third-party sample manufacturers normally bundle their libraries with a customized version of a sample player optimized for that library. ins a special GUI and is optimized for use of that library.



Kontakt Player Bundle

Ambius Prime

Ambius Prime is a unique and powerful compendium of our Ambius atmospheric synthesis series, offering a vast selection of hand-crafted sound-designed pads, ambiences, leads, pulses and acoustic textures. Each sound has been carefully sculpted from organic source recordings by our creative team. We've captured a wide spectrum of instruments, voices, environments and objects to create thousands of distinctly compelling and nuanced sonic flavors. Everything you hear was built using only organic field and instrument recordings. In fact, no synthesizers were used in the creation of this library at all. And with our sophisticated Ouroboros modulation engine, you can weave sources together into stunningly dynamic, flexible and inspiring synth patches for any style or genre. Dive in and tweak and automate every parameter with total control over every detail, or just hit the Random button to instantly generate an infinite variety of new sound, parameter and dynamic modulator combinations.

It features an assignable XY Pad, quick modulator and filter routing menus and arpeggiator system to expand the already endless creative potential. And fire up the FX rack panel and load your patch up with your choice of dozens of DSP effects, including convolution reverb with over 100 of our custom real-world and special FX spaces to perfect your sound.

Ambius Prime has been built from the ground up for the free Kontakt Player (VST, AU, AAX) and Komplete Kontrol, including full support for all Native Instruments S-Series keyboards. It includes all of the content from Ambius 1: Transmissions and Ambius 2 Systematik, as well as the exclusive new Ambius 3: Expanse, a huge selection of over 1000 brand new sound sources that are only available here in Ambius Prime. It's the perfect atmospheric texture farm for film and game composers and sound icare data recovery pro license code crack - Crack Key For U, and an extraordinarily powerful synthesis engine for electronic music producers and synth junkies.

Antidrum Machine

Antidrum Machine is the ultimate compendium of alternative instruments, experimental percussive sounds, toys, junk, machines, tools, surfaces and objects and all kinds of other uniquely musical and acoustically interesting sonic sources. This vibrant palette of musical inspiration contains a vast collection of "found-sounds", field recordings, prepared objects, surfaces, machines and noisy contraptions, booming bass to tight clicks, clacks, zips, zings, ticks and tocks.

Antidrum Machine includes all of the content from our Antidrum series of libraries (Antidrum 1, Antidrum 2, and Antidrum 3) all well as Cathedral of Junk, Luftballoon, Luminabells, PVC Beatbox Ensemble, and Snow Drums. We've also created a vast new volume of toys, instruments and sound sources exclusively for this compendium.

Antidrum Machine has been built from the ground up for Native Instruments' free Kontakt Player (VST, AU, AAX) and Komplete Kontrol platforms, including full support for Maschine and all S-Series keyboards. It's the perfect collection for composers, sound designers and anyone looking for unconventional musical ideas to round out their musical tool chest.

Apocalypse Percussion Elements

Apocalypse Percussion Elements is a mighty collection of aggressive scoring and concert drums and cymbals for the Native Instruments Kontakt platform. This library is a powerhouse designed for efficient workflow and incredible sound. It's ideal in even the most demanding professional production environment, with extraordinary detail, acoustic quality and flexibility. It features over 40 different drums and over 100 articulations. Built from our grand 25GB flagship - the Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble - this Elements version is slimmed native instruments kontakt player to the put maximum punch into a compact footprint and uneatable price for everyone. Focusing on a close/stage stereo mic position and standard single-stroke multisampled articulations, it’s designed to be intuitive and easy to play. You’ll find thunderous ensemble and solo bass drums, roaring ensemble and solo toms of all sizes, a massive 8-member snare ensemble and 6 different solo snares ranging from deep 14” wooden bodied snares all the way down to tiny 5” effect snares, ethnic drums of all shapes and sizes, clicks, clacks, hi-hats, stick and mallet rides, crashes, splashes, hybrid China crash, fx cymbals, gongs, Tibetan finger cymbals and much more.

This library is the culmination of all of our years of experience, distilled into an earth-shaking hall percussion beast. We set out to build a monster that punched harder, rumbled deeper, cut through the mix cleaner and got the job done like no other could. We wanted a massive sound and responsive playability, without compromising user flexibility and choice. And it was recorded in the same acoustically-balanced hall as our famous Olympus Symphonic Choir (Mars & Venus), Mercury Symphonic Boychoir, Montclarion Hall Piano, Struck Grand Piano, Cymbology, Anklung and Tuned Artillery libraries, so it blends perfectly with any of them. Apocalypse Elements offers a wide range of uniquely powerful tools that let you personalize the library to your own needs and push it vastly beyond any other cinematic percussion library in its class or price range.

Elysium Harp

The Elysium Harp is a 47-string grand concert pedal harp virtual instrument library, fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player and Komplete Kontrol S-Series Keyboards by Native Instruments. We recorded this massive Lyon & Healy bronze concert harp in exquisite detail, with extended articulation choices, advanced controls, easy play-assist features and warm presence across the entire key range.

We've covered classic Finger Plucks with long sustains, deep round-robin and dynamic layering for each string. We also recorded Hard Fingernail plucks, Harmonics, Xylophonics, Bass Pedal Buzzes, plus a wide collection of natural Live Glisses in 19 scales and styles by harpist Jennifer Ellis. You'll find lots of custom ambiences, pads and unique FX presets created with the harp source to open up limitless sound design possibilities. You also have access to 3 stereo mic positions (sound board, rear ports & room) to freely mix and route, plus an advanced real-time gliss and arpeggiator sequencers, instant pedal presets for easy glissing and arpeggios, precise tone and presence shaping and a full FX rack for total creative freedom.

Emotional Piano

The Emotional Piano is a legendary virtual grand piano designed for professional soundtrack scoring, song-writing and symphonic orchestration. We carefully selected this particular walnut-bodied Kawai grand piano for it’s soft, luminous warmth and rich, resonant tone. It's the perfect paintbrush for lush and emotive arrangements. Emotional Piano is also equipped with a huge selection of uniquely sound-designed custom presets and effects patches to give you an extraordinary range of sonic flavors and creative tools.

Our powerful user interface gives you complete control over your sound, with a fully-configurable multi-FX rack and intuitive sound-shaping features. The FX rack provides you a 10-bay modular chain with full routing control and a selection of 18 of Kontakt’s best built-in DSP effects to choose from. You can arrange the effects in any order and save your own presets for later. We’ve also included dozens of Snapshot Presets that cover common use cases and provide lots of new creative possibilities.

Glitch Hero

Glitch Hero is perfect for minimalist, EDM, IDM, dubstep, chillwave, glitch, post rock, soundtrack, downtempo, dub and ambient music. It's also fantastic for sci-fi sound design and creating user interface SFX for games and apps. Each library covers a unique style of hand-crafted, sound-designed drums & FX. It features thousands of samples and dozens of flexible instrument presets. It's the perfect collection for composers, sound designers and anyone looking for unconventional musical ideas to round out their musical tool chest. This library is divided into 7 categories that tap into different themes and creative styles.

CRYSTAL features unique, shatteringly crystalline, glitchy percussive strikes, stingers, multisamples and effects that will cut right through your mix. CUBE features 521 glitchy, crunchy, office-supply percussive samples from sources like paper crunches, snapping pencils, fax machines, water coolers, paper cups, and all kinds of other office-related sounds. DRIP features glitchy, organic, cutting, hollow, and razor-sharp percussive samples, along with FX, stingers, synth pads and leads. LO is a dedicated Kick and Low Frequency FX library for bass dives, transitions stringers and boomers with seriously fat low end with a dynamic and unique flavor. SHIMMER features shimmering, glittering, sparkly percussive samples - along with FX, stingers, risers, and lush ambient pads. From cute silly drums, adorable interface effects, to luscious risers and pads, Shimmer has got you covered for your next game or animation soundtrack. SHUDDER features mangled, destroyed, deep, nightmarish and glitched percussive samples - along with FX, stingers, risers, and all the drones you need for your next horror soundtrack or dark electronic track. TAPE lets you explore sonic degradation and recombination with uniquely-styled lo-fi percussive strikes, stingers, multisamples and effects captured on old analog tape recorders and then twisted and mangled by modern sound design techniques.

Mercury Boy's Choir Elements

Mercury Boy's Choir Elements is an exquisitely recorded boys' chorus, hand-selected from the most essential elements of our comprehensive Mercury Symphonic Boys' Choir. We’ve carefully crafted this library to provide you a fluid and naturally intuitive musical experience, with a professional children's choral sound and full feature set, for an unprecedented value.

Mercury Elements includes a close microphone position, captured in a large hall for brilliance, clarity and a naturally stellar tone. It was recorded with a 25-voice boys' choral ensemble, with the award-winning Pacific Boychoir. It includes Sustains, Staccatos and Marcatos for the primary Ah, Eh, Oh and Oo vowels, in both piano and forte dynamics with 2x round-robin variations per note. It also features polyphonic true legato, for Ah and Oo vowel sounds in both piano and forte dynamics. There are also a selection of multi-syllable chromatic Latin sustaining and staccato words with automatic tempo-synching. And we've included an essential selection of children's choral effects and an exclusive new collection of our signature sound-designed choral atmospheres and pads to complete this excellent package. It all comes wrapped in a flexible and user-friendly user interface, with powerful sound shaping and FX features built in. This library also qualifies you for a 20% Discount on your future upgrade to the full Mercury Symphonic Boys' Choir!

Motor Rhythms

Motor Rhythms is a unique drum kit, crafted from raw automobile parts by musical artist and mechanic Jordan Hill. He carefully conceived, selected, assembled and welded together parts from a huge collection of auto makes and models. You can see Jordan and his kit in action live here. We came to his workshop to record each piece in precise detail, with both close and far microphone positions. This Kontakt library features deep round-robin variation & velocity layering, modular kit mapping, intelligent step-sequencing arpeggiator, intuitive native instruments kontakt player, endless FX routing possibilities and a huge variety of dynamic sounds to choose from.

Our flexible user interface offers a broad range of essential controls with independent layer settings or global linking. You can shape attack, release, start offset, pitch, volume and key placement for each kit piece. You can freely map each articulation or select presets for most major drum library midi mapping standards. We've also created an expansive collection of sound-designed atmospheres, grooves, pads and synth tones created from the raw acoustic source recordings to provide perfect stylized sonic accompaniment. We also provide you with a full rack of Kontakt’s on-board multi-effects and a wide selection of our most popular convolution reverb impulses to spatialize the sound in a variety of real and sound-designed spaces.

Olympus Choir LibreOffice 6.4.3 Free Download with Crack key Choir Elements is a powerful choral instrument that puts the core functionality and raw sonic power of our full 63-voice Olympus Symphonic Choir into a compact and easy-to-use package, with rich features designed for pros at a price designed for everyone. This Powered-By-Kontakt library is designed for everyone, whether you're just beginning your musical career or are a seasoned pro. If you want a glorious sounding, efficient and user-friendly virtual choir without sophisticated lyrical phrasing or solo content, then this is the one you've been waiting for.

Olympus Choir Elements contains just the wide close stage blend microphone position for all 8 core vowel articulations: Ah, Ee, Eh, Ei, Ih, Mm, Oh and Oo. The choir is completely configurable, with independent control over male and female divisi sections. You'll find sustains, staccatos and marcatos, with pp-ff dynamic layering and intelligent round robin. This choir packs a massive forte punch and velvety smooth piano dynamics, giving you complete expressive control and creative freedom. We also bring you our newly upgraded true ah & oo legato sustains, with up to 6-part polyphonic harmony and fluid interval shaping. The library also features a wide variety of classic choral effects, swells, sweeps, shouts, whispers gridinsoft anti-malware review 2020 - Crack Key For U more. Each preset comes with an array of fine performance controls, EQ, 50 custom convolution environmental and fx reverbs to choose from. And of course, we've included our signature hand-crafted choral atmospheres, pads and evolving soundscapes to open up more creative possibilities. It's also a great companion to Requiem Light Symphonic Choir.

Requiem Light Symphonic Choir

Requiem Light is a professional symphonic choir library designed for soundtrack, trailer and hybrid composition. Powered By Native Instruments Kontakt Player, with a full male/female ensemble choir and two soloists, this legendary choral library delivers an unmatched high energy, dynamic, bombastic fortissimo sound that can just as easily glide down to a fluid, soft and gentle pianissimo. The 22-member divisi men's and 23-member women's sections each feature a variety of pure vowel sustains and slow Latin chromatic sustaining tempo-synching chants in mezzo-piano. The 45-member unison ensemble choir articulations include 3 types of multi-dynamic (piano to forte) true legato vowel sustains, a selection of fast tempo-synching chromatic Latin chants, a huge variety of powerful FFF Vowel and Latin staccato and sustaining marcato syllables. There are improvised chromatic Latin chanting sustains for both Tenor and Soprano soloists, with time-stretching and performance shaping features. You'll also find a huge extended selection of ensemble choral effects, including clusters, demonic chants, sweeps, consonants, claps, snaps and more, along with a fantastic array of ethereal and lush atmospheric native instruments kontakt player design pads, drones, soundscapes and ambiences hand-crafted from the choral sound.

Requiem Light was recorded in the massive sanctuary hall at historic Saint Paul's in San Francisco. These richly detailed voices cut through any mix and the lush and expansive resonance of our cathedral Cyrobo Hidden Disk Pro Free Download to weave the choir's mighty sound seamlessly into your mix, with a well-balanced and potent stereo blend. The stereo mix brings you a significant overall savings in system resource use and simply plug-and-play usability right out of the box. It's also a great companion to Olympus Choir Choir Elements.

Voices Of Gaia

Voices Of Gaia is a dynamic and exploratory world, soundtrack and indie solo vocalist collection for Kontakt Player (VST, AU, AAX), featuring 4 outstanding singers ranging from baritone to mezzo-soprano. Each singer includes fundamental chromatic articulations like true legato, sustains, and staccatos as well as thousands of beautiful, dynamics native instruments kontakt player performance phrases in a variety of keys, tempos and styles. It features the voices of Francesca Genco, Linda Strawberry, Bryan Lane and Michael Peaslee. We recorded in a dry studio environment, using high dynamic range, large-diaphragm Neumann microphones and silent Sound Devices preamps to get maximum detail, clarity, and quality.

Voices Of Gaia includes chromatic true legato, sustains and staccatos for a selection of common vowels. It also comes packed with thousands of beautifully dynamic live performance phrases in various keys and tempos, with real-time step-sequencing, tempo control, start/end editing, category and key selection and more.

You'll also find dozens of uniquely creative sound-designed atmospheric synths, drones and soundscapes that we've re-synthesized from these voices. They're perfect for underscoring, reinforcement and ambient arrangements. Along with our full FX rack panel, they offer you nearly endless creative possibilities.

We captured over 60 hours of chromatic articulations and improvised melodic elements and carefully distilled it down to this unified and flexible virtual instrument library for the Kontakt Player native instruments kontakt player Komplete Kontrol platforms. With a clean and intuitive interface, outstanding fidelity and nuanced vocal performances, Voices Of Gaia sets a benchmark for soundtrack and world music vocal libraries.

Voices Of Rage

Voices Of Rage is an aggressive death metal, hardcore and power metal vocal library that combines awesome screenhunter 6 free download full version - Free Activators performances, powerful word and lyric building systems, tempo-synched phrase step sequencing features, multiple mic types, rack multi-FX and tons of cutting edge content and capabilities. It explores the raw, brutal and guttural vocal style that death metal is known for, in all of its roaring, screaming, hissing and screeching glory.

We recorded vocalists Evan "Severed" Seidlitz, Alecia "Mixi" Demner (Stitched Up Heart), Jason Kocol (Impaled) and Aaron Boynton (The Sky We Scrape). Each singer offers their own unique style and technique, giving you options to work with a broad range of metal sub-genres. We pushed them to their absolute physical limits to build a massive array of fully playable lyrics. The huge Wordmaster dictionary includes 100 words, covering a variety of nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives. Each word was chosen to create an effective lyrical toolbox, with sustaining and staccato variants - in both guttural death and acidic screaming tones. We also recorded hundreds of live micro-phrases that can be assembled into your own songs using our phrase step-sequencer and tempo-synched, stretched, layered and blended in all manner of ways. Each of the four vocalists was captured in a dry studio environment with multiple microphones to capture every subtle nuance of the performance, while providing to distinct sonic flavors. We used a dynamic stage mic (Shure SM58) to get all of the punch and grit of a stage performance. We also recorded with a large diaphragm studio condenser mic (Neumann TLM 103) for pure, crisp full range clarity and perfect fidelity. We then carefully prepared and edited each sample and hand-programmed each element into an unrivaled performance interface that delivers both efficiency and control.

Voices Of Rapture

Voices Of Rapture is our premier operatic solo vocal collection, featuring 4 outstanding singers covering the classical soprano, alto, tenor and bass ranges. It offers extended chromatic articulations like true legato vowel sustains, single and multi-syllable staccatos and Latin chanting sustains, with individual solo and combined ensemble quartet presets. It also comes packed with thousands of beautifully dynamic live performance phrases in various keys and tempos, with your choice of Pure Vowel, French, Latin and even Humming and Whistling categories. The Phrase presets are equipped with real-time step-sequencing, tempo control, phrase editing and other control features for maximum flexibility and intuitive playability. You'll also find dozens of uniquely creative sound-designed atmospheric synths, drones and soundscapes that we've re-synthesized from these voices. They're perfect for underscoring, reinforcement and ambient arrangements. Along with our full FX rack panel, they offer you nearly endless creative possibilities.

Together with Nichole Dechaine (Soprano), Kindra Scharich (Alto), Brian Thorsett (Tenor) and Joseph Trumbo (Bass), we captured a grand total of nearly 50 hours in our studio and carefully distilled it into this extraordinarily playable virtual instrument library for the Kontakt Player and Komplete Kontrol platforms. With a clean and simple interface, pristine fidelity and excellent vocal performances, Voices Of Rapture is your new go-to for classical and cinematic lead vocal arrangements.


Most of our libraries require the full version of Kontakt 5 or above. A small number of our products work in the free Kontakt Player, which is stated on the product pages.
For ‘full Kontakt’ products, if you are using the free Kontakt Player, the libraries will display a ‘DEMO’ message, and will time out after 10 minutes. Kontakt can be bought from Native Instruments here, or as part of Komplete here.


To determine if you have the ‘Full’ version of the Kontakt application installed, please follow the steps below. 


  1. Open up the Kontakt application. This can be done either inside your DAW or by navigating to the application via your desktop.
  2. Once open, you will see in the top left-hand corner that your application is either titled “Kontakt” or “Kontakt Player”. The latter title indicates that you are running the Free Kontakt Player and NOT the Full Version of Kontakt. See below image. 
  3. For further clarification, click the application’s title to open up a box displaying further details about the application. Again, in order to use our ‘full Kontakt’ libraries, your “License Type:” needs to indicate that you have the “Full” version of Kontakt. See below images and highlighted areas.



top free kontakt libraries list thumbnail

In this article I’m going to list 5 great sources of free Kontakt instruments. These libraries will not only work in orchestral scoring - you can easily use them in electronic music or any other genre. I hope you’ll find something you like!

1. The Alpine Project

the alpine project free orchestra kontakt

This website is entirely dedicated to free orchestral libraries. I think it’s the best orchestral library out there right now. Bear in mind that the patches are not velocity sensitive - for dynamics, you’re going to have to work the modwheel.

„Alpine Project” libraries are split into 3 categories - brass, strings and woodwinds.

The brass section responds very nicely to modwheel movements. The option to turn off legato is great - this way you can play multiple notes at once. My favourite patches here are the trombones and trumpets.

The string section is divided into 4 parts, like in a real orchestra. Unfortunately there’s no „ensemble” patch with all 4 in one, but if you really need that - this freebie does that. My main complaint is that all of these patches are monophonic - meaning that you can’t play more than one note at once.

All the woodwind patches have two versions, I like the ones labeled as „Try”. Some patches sound a bit unnatural at times, but some sound great. My favourite patches are the saxophone and the clarinets.

Demo: Brass - Horns, Strings - Violin & Bass, Woodwinds - Saxophone & Bass Clarinet

Ever wondered what VST instruments are the most popular? Find it out here.

2. Pettinhouse Audio

pettinhouse audio free kontakt guitars

This site offers 5 stunning guitar libraries. There’s a beautiful acoustic guitar, electric guitar (labeled DG), classical guitar, jazz guitar and a bass. You can also find some hammond organ patches on the site.

Here’s a demo of the guitars: Acoustic, Classical, Electric & Bass, Jazz

3. Hugo Kant

hugo kant free rhodes piano kontakt

This guy made a few awesome libraries and shared them for free on his website. There’s a little collection of world instruments, a rhodes piano, a bass guitar and a vibraphone.

Here’s a demo of the world instruments: Nanga, Banjo, Zither

4. Ivy Audio

On this website you’ll find 4 professional sample libraries - a grand piano, a vocalist, a trombone and a drum kit.

„Piano in 162” is a professional sampled grand piano, ready to use in a track. It includes two mic positions and sounds really great.

piano in 162 ivy audio free kontakt library

Btw, an alternative free grand piano is the "Amore Grand Piano" by Precisionsound.

amore grand piano precisionsound kontakt freebie

Looking for more free pianos? Check out this article with top 5 free VST pianos.

„Clare Solo” is a solo vocalist patch. It sounds great in legato but allows unison as well. It’s very realistic and sounds professional. The modwheel response and reverb are also awesome features.

ivy audio clare solo download free kontakt

The „Carpenter Trombone” is very cinematic. Make sure to use the modwheel!

ivy audio carpenter trombone nki kontakt free

„Scott Drums” is a pretty standard drum kit. There’s some effects built in too, you can edit each sound individually.

ivy audio scott drums download free kontakt

Looking to improve your chord progressions? Check out this tip.

5. Bigcat Instruments

This is a blog run by Joe Stevens, a free sample library enthusiast. He’s got hundreds of free sounds, so I checked all of them and picked my favourites.

Natural Concert Guitar,Acoustic Nylon Guitar, Steel Guitar

mf natural concert guitar kontakt freebie

Acoustic Bass, Pick Bass

pick bass kontakt free library

Church Organ, Drawbar Organ, Percussive organ

church organ free kontakt library

Upright Piano 1

bekshu upright piano download free kontakt

Upright Piano 2

skerratt london piano download free piano kontakt

Electric Piano

street bumper free piano rhodes

Concert Harp

concert harp download free kontakt


mslp vibraphone download free kontakt


free sanza kontakt

Toy Piano,

free toy piano kontakt

Bass Drum

free concert drum kontakt

Carillon Bell

carillon kontakt free


mslp kantele download free

Thanks for checking out this list, I hope you found something useful!


I’m a music maker who likes to share his experiences with other producers.

I regularly show up with tutorials, articles & project files at PML.

Skype lessons with me:


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Re: Anyone else hate Native Instruments

Postby chibear » Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:37 pm

Have to give that a resounding no since a vast majority of the instruments I use work in the full version of Native instruments kontakt player.

Pricey? Yes, but the door is open to a universe of free libraries from wanna be developers, some of which are quite good and many which are useful but have a very short lifespan.

Complicated? You bet! NI would do itself a favour by splitting Kontakt into Native instruments kontakt player and Developer modules just to sort things out a bit. BUT once you get the native instruments kontakt player of where not to go, a powerful interface in which virtually everthing can be easily automated via MIDI and Host automations in any combination you want.

I am not a fan of NI libraries, agreeing that they are overpriced, and, considering they invented the UI, often more inflexible than 3rd party competing libraries.

Finally, I do find NI near the top of the arrogance list when dealing with them one on one, something I tend avoid because of my BP issues.

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"Hyperion Strings Ef commander free - Activators Patch is a universal string ensemble library built for everyone. It was recorded with uncompromising engineering precision and then hand-edited and carefully balanced to achieve a new benchmark in quality and playability. It's made for Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player and the NKS Standard. This virtual instrument is a robust musical production workhorse that will serve you well, whether you’re a working composer, student, producer, songwriter, teacher, arranger, band, sound designer, or are just curious about creating your own music. It’s ready to perform from the moment you load it up. The Hyperion String ensemble has a forward and robust sound unlike any other. It has a strong tone and wide dynamic range that can be shaped to fit any genre or style. It can also be used to fatten and layer with other strings to create massive arrangements. We’ve also equipped the interface with plenty of spatialization, environment simulation and positioning controls and options to let you dial in the sound and character you need. The library includes a full-ensemble preset and 4 Master and True-Legato section presets for 8 Violins, 6 Violas, 5 Cellos and 4 Double Basses. The Master presets include a broad selection of fundamental articulations, each with their own range of customizable real-time performance options, key-switch and mapping options, handy auto-functions, apregiators, FX and performance tools. These master presets allow you to blend and switch effortlessly vibrato, non-vibrato and tremolo sustains, a variety of short bow strokes and naturally dynamic tempo-based expressions, effects, rhythmic patterns, runs and sequences. "

Manufacturer link to this product


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