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PrivaZer is a free PC cleaner and privacy tool for Microsoft® Windows®. The software allows users to remove additional occupied space from a hard drive. In this PrivaZer Review, we are going to discuss all the features, installation procedure, system requirements, and a link to download. PrivaZer free download. Get the latest version now. PrivaZer cleans your PC in-depth and removes unwanted traces of your activities.


Every PC has some files that shouldn’t be on the disk. We’re not talking about personal files, but rather a clutter that slows down the performance of your computer. Removing these files manually can be time-consuming, especially since you don’t know which ones slow down your PC the most.

PrivaZer privazer download a helpful disk cleaning tool that will erase and delete useless files from your PC. This includes files that you haven’t used in a while and files that even provide danger for your computer’s health.

Comprehensive Scans to Delete Useless Files

The way that PrivaZer works is that it will first conduct some comprehensive scans on the most critical areas of your computer. It will do in-depth scans of your relevant directories, and it will securely protect your PC from unwarranted and clutter files. This will already result in a notable performance privazer download for your computer.

It will also perform checks and scans in different areas of your PC. This includes checking your browser cookies that haven’t been used in a while, shortcuts, useless start menu files, unused desktop shortcuts or files, and other files that don’t serve a particular purpose for your PC. It will also look for previous versions of Windows and delete them, including system updates and installers.

Scanning for Different Devices

In addition to scanning your PC, you’ll also be able to scan and clean other devices that you might own. This includes devices such as iPod, MP3, SD memory cards, USB flash drives, external drives, storage drives, and even HDDs that you haven’t used in a while.

This allows you to perform scans, checks and cleaning on different devices. It’s a neat app that you can install on your PC or other types of systems. You can download it for free and try it out. We like it very much for cleaning our PC as well as other devices.

Intuitive Detection Center

Once the app is running, it will provide reports for you, telling you where you need to make checks and improvements, and which files are ripe for deleting. You’ll be able to know what sorts of issues there are on your PC, and download cleanmypc full version free actions are recommended for your particular case.

With these reports available, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which files you can delete. Of course, you can still decide which files you will delete yourself, and you’ll just get a comprehensive report from the app telling you which files you should delete.

To Conclude

PrivaZer is an excellent app for cleaning and scanning your PC HDDs, as well as other devices. It is an intuitive and effective disk cleaning application that privazer download help you remove unused and harmful files from your HDD and make your PC perform better.

It can increase the performance of your device significantly.

Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
For Windows 7, Windows 8 (64-bit, 32-bit) / Vista / XP(Free)

Active KillDisk

Secure Cleaning - Quick and rapid way of privazer download deleting data on privazer download connected storage device by overwriting data multiple times
19.4 MB

PrivaZer 4.0.32

PrivaZer is a free cleaning utility that can help you master the security of your PC. The application is designed to permanently and irretrievably erase privazer download of your past activities on computers and storage devices such as USB keys and external drives. This prevents others from retrieving the content you watched, streamed, or visited on the Internet. It can also free up valuable hard drive space and ensure the safe operation of your PC.

PrivaZer will scan your computer and provide you with a complete report of all Internet traces that can be found on your PC. You can then view the result in detail and choose to securely erase it from the HDD. When an application performs a thorough scan, it includes common traces such as registry, Internet history, and cookies. It can also look for potential traces in your available disk space sectors.

PrivaZer is able to permanently erase all traces using secure deletion methods and reset disk sectors to zero to eliminate all traces of previous operations. Depending on the size of the HDD and the amount of data you have, the initial scanning and cleaning process may take a while.

Secure cleanup with one click

Irreversible cleanups by overwriting techniques.

In-depth cleanup

Of your PC and storage devices, Smart overwriting: the app automatically recognizes your storage device type and adapts its overwriting algorithms to the storage medium (magnetic disk, SSD, etc).

Privacy protection

Priva Zer prevents the recovery of your activities.

For Windows 7, Windows 8 (64-bit, 32-bit) / Vista / XP(Free)

Securely File Shredder 2.0

Secure Cleaning - Can be used to permanently erase and delete data from a disk
461 KB For Windows 7, Windows 8 (64-bit, 32-bit) / Vista / XP(Free)


Secure Cleaning - Powerful deletion tool that deletes sensitive files and folders permanently, making recover impossible
2.17 MB

PrivaZer (Portable) v4.0.8

PrivaZer is a very useful application that will enable you to scan and identify any application and Internet browsing traces on your system that you want to get rid of.

This utility can perform in-depth scans and securely clean your system, wiping out any privazer download of website browsing or any other activities.



  • PrivaZer scans your system and your external storage devices as well
  • PrivaZer shows you its findings in easy-to-follow visualizations

  • Irreversible cleanups by overwriting techniques
  • Smart overwriting : PrivaZer automatically recognizes your storage device type and adapts its overwriting algorithms to the storage medium (magnetic disk, SSD, etc)
  • Your personal documents are preserved
  • You can control existence of remaining sensitive traces after cleanup

  • Your old deleted files can still be recovered with an expert recovery software.
  • PrivaZer performs a cleanup of privazer download traces in file table (FAT or MFT) and free space to avoid any possibilities of recovery

    No recovery possible with expert software like :
    . GetDataback
    . Testdisk
    . O&O DiskRecovery
    . Recuva
    . Glary Undelete
    . Easeus Data Recovery
    . Pandora Recovery
    . Paragon Backup & Recovery
    . Ontrack EasyRecovery
    . Recover My Files
    . Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

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    Our privacy when working with a computer, whether using certain programs or browsing the Internet, is something really important. But despite all the measures that are used, the operating system always ends up storing a certain amount of information, even if it may seem unreadable. To be able to find and eliminate this information nothing better thanPrivaZer.

    Eliminate even the slightest trace

    One of the first things worth highlighting of PrivaZer is that it July 19, 2021 - Free Activators work without installing, even though installing the program allows you to access additional options like the possibility to eliminate a file without leaving a trace from the Windows Explorer context menu.

    How it works

    PrivaZer allows you to analyze all kinds of storage devices to eliminate any trace of data that they may contain, among which you will find:

    • Internal hard drives
    • External hard drives
    • USB pendrives
    • iPod
    • MP3 Players
    • SD memory cards
    • Network devices

    The actions that can be carried out on these devices are various:

    • In depth analysis. A thorough check of the device in search of traces, cookies, stored Internet searches, Messenger data, downloaded files and information stored by programs.
    • Located analysis. That covers various fields, including Internet activity, old files, program usage, information stored in the registry and USB history.
    • Eliminate without leaving a trace. Allows to eliminate a file or folder without leaving a trace on the hard privazer download by using systems that avoid data recovery.
    • Empty the recycling bin without leaving a trace. All the contents of the recycling bin are eliminated without leaving a traces, in such a way that it won't be possible to recover it.

    What's more, PrivaZer allows the user to program when the analysis and cleaning will take place, in such a way that it will be possible to choose a timetable when the computer isn't going to be used, because depending on the information detected the process can be long and can slow down the computer.

    Therefore, if you want to eliminate any trace of personal information and computer usage, you only have to downloadPrivaZerfor free.

    Antony Peel

    Antony Peel


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